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Multi Purpose Temperature Monitoring and Recording

Calm, Cool, Collected

Track and record temperatures in hot or cold environments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Set individual alarm levels to alert you when temperatures exceed their normal range.

Fully automated temperature monitoring system. Capable of recording temperatures from -55 to 125 C (67 to 257 F), C3 Data Logger is designed to document freezer and cooler temperatures.

Easy to install using a kit that comes with the parts you need.

Install the temperature sensors

Plug USB Cable into an available USB Port. Plug the C3 controller into an available serial port.

Load the C3 Data Logger software

Plug the controller into an available serial port on your computer

Let the program know how often to record he temperatures,
upper and lower alarm points, and how to contct you in case of an alarm.





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